Deutsche Telekom: Anette Bronder on “Paving the Way for a Digital World”

Anette Bronder, Director of Digital Division, T-Systems International, on Deutsche Telekom’s cloud ambition – to become one the five top players in the world:

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, first of all, I need to say, I am deeply impressed. When I look at the scale of the venue and this event, I think it really deserves to shape the future world of digitization. You need to think big. When I look at this arena, I think you have demonstrated that, Huawei. Congratulations to this event. It is my pleasure to be here.

So, for the next few minutes, I want to share with you some perspectives from Deutsche Telekom, from Europe, but also from our strategic partnership with Huawei: How we see the world of making things happen. How we are a pathfinder into the area of public cloud. So with that please allow me to start with a short reflection. Please forgive me, as I am a European, I’d like to give you our interpretation of what we think what is actually going on in Europe. And let me start with a statement: This continent slept through the first phase of digitization. To put it a little bit clearer, some people say that in Europe we lost the first half of digitization. We talked about it; we discussed it. But a few years ago we lost the momentum to make it happen. But the good thing is, Europe is catching up. And we have never faced such… READ MORE AND WATCH THE VIDEO.

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